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A Snake Anthro page
Welcome all to the Snake Pit, home to an exotic, dangerous and occasionally sensual type of anthros. Take a look around and enjoy your visit.

Club Rules:

1.- Only anthropomorphic snakes or nagas will enter this gallery. This means, snakes with human characteristics or snake body and human torso.
Regular snakes and medusas (women with serpents instead of hair)  do not enter.
Other animal anthros may appear in the gallery, as long as they are interacting with a snake one.

2.- Nudity is allowed, with the following condition: it must be tasteful. This depends mostly on the pose and attitude displayed by the character. Playfulness, comedic situations, naughtiness and even scenes portraying seduction are some examples. But I will not accept blatantly sexual behavior.

3.- Vore, swallowing people whole, is not permitted. I know this is one of a snake's characteristics, but I'd rather not display it in this gallery. And while I'm on the subject, the same goes for bulging stomachs. I'm not bothered by these two subjects, but I'm not too keen on them either.

4.- Battle scenes are ok, providing they are not too violent. This means, no excessive ammount of blood and absolutely no gore. Hunting is also permitted, after all, snakes are predators. Just as long as it doesn't break this rule.


Just send me a message on put a comment on my user's page. It's that simple


To submit, simply send a copy of your work to my e-mail address, either Yahoo or MSN, and I'll take care of the rest. Please include the picture's description when you send it.


:iconpr0stsh0cker: :iconraphaella: :iconhyrenblade: :iconjazzlizard: :iconmistresschaokaomiao: :iconmeru: :iconrocmegamanx: :iconwolfie2dope: :iconkeganslayer: :iconmiliki: :iconboricuabeba124: :iconheyyou5: :iconmiladyhiakara: :iconalietje:

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I am busy so far but if I get some time, perhaps I can contribute a few stories for the club.
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